B-52 Pro Audio Now Available @ Sweetwater Sound Inc.


500-Watt - 12" Two-Way Active Loudspeaker
    The new ACTPRO Series is an advanced line of made in the USA powered loudspeaker systems that offer the sonic accuracy, power and reliability demanded by today’s professional performers. Fuelled by B-52’s ultra-efficient Class-G amplifiers, ACTPRO systems deliver rich, clear sound at extreme SPLs. ACTPRO amplifiers employ sophisticated circuitry including acoustically tuned 4th order crossovers, four stages of equalization, a built-in intelligent compressor/limiter and short circuit/over-current protection. An extra high current output stage allows for uninterrupted extended play without risk of thermal shutdown. ACTPRO full-range amplifiers are bi-amped with fully discrete output stages.


    Product Specs

    Configuration 12” 2-Way multipurpose powered loudspeaker
    Low Frequency
    High Frequency

    SP-1200 - 12” speaker with 2.5” voice coil
    COMP-4-CLB - PETP film compression driver with 1.75” voice coil
    LF Magnet Weight 42 oz
    LF Magnet Structure Weight 7 lbs.
    Frequency Range 50 Hz - 20 kHz
    Frequency Response 58 Hz -18 kHz
    High Frequency Dispersion 75º conical
    Power Output LF: 270Wrms Class G
    HF: 80Wrms Class AB+B
    Maximum total burst power* 500W
    Input Impedance 20 kOhm Balanced
    10 kOhm Unbalanced
    Electronic Crossover 4th order
    Controls Level knob
    Low-cut filter switch
    Ground lift switch
    Power switch
    AC fuse
    115/230V switch
    Indicators Power
    Amplifier Protection
    Short circuit
    Overheat mute
    SOA output stage
    Driver DC protection
    Subsonic filter
    Turn-on mute and soft ramp
    Turn-on inrush current limiting
    Current cons. @ 115/230 Vac
    (1/8 power pink noise)
    1.7A / 0.85A
    Connectors Balanced female XLR input
    Balanced male XLR link output
    Input Sensitivity ** 775mV (0dBu)
    Enclosure Black WarneckeTM painted birch plywood
    Hardware Metal handles
    Rubber feet / Rubber strips
    Pole mounting cup
    Grille Powder coated 16 gauge steel
    Dimensions 26.5” H x 16.5” W x 16” D
    (673mm x 419mm x 406mm)

    Product Features

    • Bi-amp design with discrete output stage for both the woofer and compression driver
    • 4th order electronic X-over and multi-stage custom equalization
    • Proprietary efficient class-G amplification on low frequency channel
    • Subsonic filter: 12dB/octave
    • Built-in compressor/limiter
    • Balanced XLR input (Left and Right on ACTPRO18S Sub)
    • Balanced XLR full-range output (Left and Right on ACTPRO18S Sub)
    • Left and Right balanced XLR high-pass outputs on ACTPR018S Sub
    • 0-1800 Phase switch on ACTPRO18S Sub
    • 100Hz 18dB/octave low cut switch on Full Range models
    • 3rd order electronic crossover on ACTPRO18S
    • Ground lift switch
    • Full thermal & short circuit protection
    • Large heatsink with convection cooling
    • Oversized toroidal transformer
    • LEDs for Power, Protect, Limit and Signal
    • 115V/230V 60Hz/50Hz selector switch