B-52 Pro Audio Now Available @ Sweetwater Sound Inc.


    The new B-52 Matrix-2500 is a complete sound reinforcement solution consisting of two 12” two-way speakers and an 18” subwoofer, equipped with a built-in 1600-watt, three-channel amplifier ideal for live performance, presentations, playback, DJ’s, schools, and Houses of Worship. The MATRIX-2500 brings clarity, power and performance you can hear and feel and is the perfect choice for any portable PA application requiring reliable and outstanding sound quality. The MATRIX-2500 was designed using advanced acoustic and audio techniques with premium components, comprehensive protection circuitry, and robust construction to provide years of consistent, reliable performance. active s The Matrix-2500 is the second generation of the popular MATRIX-2000 which for nearly a decade has been the choice of mobile entertainers, bands and clubs throughout the world. The engineering staff at B-52 painstakingly designed the MATRIX-2500 from the ground up over the last three years and literally, every aspect of this system has been improved upon. More power, proprietary efficient amplifier design with integrated BBE® processing, new Celestion® speaker components, detachable casters, a new ergonomic look are just some of the improvements you’ll find in this new system. Powering this beast is a proprietary 1600 watt three-channel amplifier. A 1000 watt Class-G amplifier drives the heavy duty 18” Celestion® subwoofer with cast frame and 4” voice coil, while a 2-channel Class-AB amp sends 300 watts to each of the full range satellite speaker. Each satellite features a Celestion® 12” loudspeaker and a Celestion®, PETP film compression driver which work in unison to produce accurate midrange and a detailed top end. An elliptical horn provides excellent coverage, on and off axis.

    B-52 18-220S Subwoofer
    • Celestion high excursion 18“ subwoofer
    • 4” high temperature voice coil
    • Advanced magnet cooling
    • Cast aluminum frame
    12” Loudspeakers
    • Celestion 12” low frequency driver with high temperature voice coil and advanced magnet cooling
    Compression Drivers
    • 1” exit Celestion Compression Driver with PETP film diaphragm
    • 90° x 40° elliptical wave guides
    • Optimized acoustic and magnetic design achieves outstanding clarity and reliability
    • A one-piece, PETP film diaphragm and surround optimizes energy transfer for greater efficiency
    • Patented clamping system yields low distortion performance while improving the mid-band response
    • Polyimide-insulated, copper-clad aluminum voice coil is edge wound on a glass-fiber former producing lower distortion and superior power-to-weight ratio
    • A matched wave front phase corrector produces a coherent sound wave at the horn throat, yielding detailed and dynamic mid and high frequency response
    BBE® Sonic Maximizer

    The MATRIX-1500 features a built-in BBE® Sonic Maximizer (exclusive to B-52) which has the same familiar controls as the rack version and with a single push of a button transforms the system from a flat response to thundering lows and soaring highs. The LF contour and HF process adjustments allow you fine tune the sound to the venue and to your sound preference. Like all MATRIX systems, the MATRIX-1500 is designed for easy set up and operation. To set-up the system simply connect the XLR right and left signal cables, speaker cables and power cord and you’re ready to perform! The MATRIX-1500 is proudly designed, built, and tested in our state of the art Los Angeles manufacturing facility.

    Product Features

    • 18” Subwoofer & two 12“ 2-Way satellites
    • Integrated 1600W three channel amplifier in the sub cabinet
    • 1000W sub channel - Class G
    • 2 x 300W sat channels
    • BBE® Sonic Maximizer with LF Contour and HF Process controls
    • Combo XLR / 1/4” balanced stereo inputs and full-range outputs
    • Additional RCA inputs
    • Level controls for subwoofer and satellite channels
    • 0/180 degree phase switch on subwoofer channel
    • Integrated X-over signal processing
    • Built-in compressor/limiter
    • Thermal and short circuit protection circuitry
    • Efficient and quiet 2-speed fan cooling
    • Ground lift switch
    • Oversized power supply toroidal transformer
    • Speakon® connectors (cables not included)
    • LEDs for Power, Protect, Limit and Signal
    • 115V/230V 60Hz/50Hz selector switch

    Product Specs

    20k Ohm Balanced
    10k Ohm Unbalanced
    Configuration: Active 18” Subwoofer and two 12” 2-way full-range speakers
    Subwoofer: Celestion® /B-52 18-220S 18" cast framed sub with 4" voice coil
    Satellite Speakers: Celestion® /B-52 SP-1200 - 12” speaker with 2.5” Voice Coil
    Celestion® /B-52 COMP-4-CLB Compression driver with PETP Film
    Frequency Range: 34Hz -20kHz
    Frequency Response: 38Hz -18kHz
    High Frequency Dispersion: 90° x 40°
    Maximum peak SPL: 136dB
    System Power: 1600W – 1000 SUB + 2x300 SATs
    Input Impedance:
    Electronic Crossover: 3rd order Butterworth @ 100 Hz
    Controls: Right and Left Level Knobs
    Sub Level Knob
    BBE HF Process, LF Contour
    Ground lift switch
    Power switch
    Sub Phase Switch
    115/230V switch
    Indicators: Power
    Cooling: 2 Speed Fan
    Amplifier Protection: Short circuit
    Overheat mute
    SOA output stage
    Driver DC protection
    Subsonic filter
    Turn-on mute and soft ramp
    Turn-on inrush current limiting
    Power Consumption
    (1/8 power pink noise):
    Connectors: Balanced female XLR inputs
    Balanced male XLR link outputs
    Unbalanced RCA Inputs
    Input Sensitivity: 775mV (0dBu)
    Enclosure: Black painted birch plywood
    Hardware: Metal handles
    Rubber feet
    Pole Mounting Cup on Satellite Speakers
    Grille: Powder coated 16 gauge steel
    Casters: Heavy Duty 3” Detachable
    Dimensions: Subwoofer - 28” (w) x 23” (h) x 34” (d)
    Satellite (each) – 13.5” (w) x 23” (h) x 12.5” (d)
    Weight: Subwoofer - 124 lbs
    Satellite (each) - 23 lbs.

    Suggested Applications

    • Mobile DJ
    • Karaoke
    • Nightclub, Restaurant, Bar Installation
    • Corporate Audio / Video n Home Entertainment System
    • Live Sound System
    • Stage Monitoring System
    • Booth Monitoring System n Drum Monitoring BBE.