B-52 Pro Audio Now Available @ Sweetwater Sound Inc.


Dual 15" Two-Way Speaker System
    The new LX-1515V3 delivers powerful and clean sound that will please your ears and rattle your chest. This 1000-watt full-range system features a quasi 3-way design with a sophisticated tapered array crossover network which directs low frequencies to both 15” speakers while limiting the midrange to only the top woofer. The result is improved low-end and clearer sound in the high frequency range. The ultra-efficient compression driver, mounted to a custom elliptical wave guide, delivers smooth mids and vivid highs that are not fatiguing to the ears.

    Wave Guide

    Product Specs

    Nominal Impedance:
    Frequency Response:
    High-Freq. Dispersion:
    X-Over Points:
    Power Handling:
    SPL @ 1w1m:
    Peak SPL:
    Dimensions (W”x H” x D”):
    Weight (lbs):
    4 Ohms
    40-19K Hz
    90 x 40
    1.6K Hz
    1000 watts
    23 x 49 x 20


    The LX-1515V3 is fitted with metal bar handles, protective metal corners, rubber feet, a 16-gauge perforated steel grille, 3” tilt back casters and is finished with impact-forgiving black carpet. B-52 offers a LIFETIME cabinet construction warranty. Input connections: (2) ¼” phone jacks and (1) Neutrik™ Speakon™ connector.

    Advanced crossover

    The advanced tapered array crossover network design directs low frequencies to both 15” speakers while limiting the midrange to just the top woofer resulting in improved low-end and cleaner sound in the high-frequency range. The crossover utilizes low-loss components including Mylar capacitors, air-core inductors and ceramic resistors. Light-bulb tweeter protection circuitry is included.

    Comp-4CLB compression driver

    The LX-1515V3 utilizes the COMP-4CLB 1” exit PETP film diaphragm compression driver, providing smooth mids and extended high-frequency reproduction.

    Elliptical wave guide

    B-52’s new elliptical waveguide perfectly complements the COMP-4CLB compression driver. The coverage is uniform over more than 3 octaves and the overall response is smooth and extended. The asymmetrical shape allows close physical coupling to the woofer and a slight tilt of the sound down to the listening level.