B-52 Pro Audio Now Available @ Sweetwater Sound Inc.


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Where can I find a particular B-52 Professional Product?

A list of all authorized B-52 Dealers can be found on our website. Any of those dealers can be contacted directly regarding any of our currently in production products. Furthermore, B-52 Professional can be emailed at support@b-52pro.com regarding specific products and their current availability.

Do you offer artist endorsements?

Yes, if you feel like you are a qualified artist and have interest in joining the B-52 Professional family, you can email us at Information@B-52PRO.com Subject: Artist Relations. While B-52 Professional does not endorse all interested parties, we do support all musician's in their career/hobby choices.

Where can I find B-52 Professional online?

B-52 Professional has social media accounts on the following : Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. An attempt to update those accounts regularly is made. We encourage all of you to follow and/or like us on all of those accounts for exclusive content.

Are all B-52 Professional products made in the U.S.A.?

Yes, we are proud to say all of our products are hand made in the U.S.A. right inside of our Los Angeles facility.

I've lost the product manual to my B-52 Professional product, where can I obtain another copy?

A copy of each B-52 Professional product manual can be found on this website on it's corresponding product page. I.E. The manual for the Matrix-1500 would be found on the Matrix-1500 page of this website.

Can I order directly from B-52 Professional?

No, we are sorry we do not offer direct sales, but we do have a large list of worldwide authorized B-52 Professional dealers who can not only order directly from, but that can really expedite your process in doing so.